I’ve been nominated for Love The Web!


That’s awesome!

You’ve created something that others love to visit, and they loved it enough to tell us about it. That’s really saying something about the quality of the content you produce, and the experience you give your visitors. You can just imagine spreading a little joy out to these folks, or feeding their curiosity and thirst for knowledge each time they visit your website or blog.

Real people enjoy your website or blog enough to take the time to share that with us – and we wanted to share that with you.

If you’d like to show others that you’ve been nominated, please copy and paste the code below to display a badge.

<a href="http://www.sitesmart.co.nz/lovetheweb"><img src="http://sitesmart.co.nz/love-the-web/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/badge.png" alt="Love The Web Nominated Website" width="428" height="301" /></a>

About Love The Web

Website and blog owners often rely on data for feedback about their website.

Who is visiting? Do they like what they see? Who comes back often?

Data is powerful and it’s important to collect and track it.

But it’s not very friendly, is it?

Share a little love with a website or blog owner today and nominate their website as a favourite.

We are currently accepting nominations from the public for NZ websites they love and want to share.

Nominate now:


Can I nominate my own website or blog?

Yes. We usually need to see 3 nominations for a website, so we can get at least three quotes to share. Perhaps you could ask some friends or family to nominate you too and share what they love about your website.

Do you post negative feedback?

No. This site is a positive environment, intended to share the things we love. Negative feedback will be passed on to the website owner privately, for their own information.

Who is organising this?

SiteSmart NZ. We work with data everyday, for a large number of NZ businesses and organisations. We love data, and love what it can do. But – we think – it isn’t always very friendly.

Website owners and bloggers may just be looking at numbers and traffic stats as a gauge of how their visitors feel about them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear from a few humans too? That’s why we pulled together this little project – Love The Web.

We make contact with website and blog owners that have been nominated to let them know they are loved.

How did it start?

Love The Web NZ

We run Bright Ideas: a monthly email that covers WordPress, SEO, and Digital Marketing Tips for NZ businesses.

Over a couple of months we asked our subscribers to nominate websites that they loved, and tell us why.

We were inundated with responses… hundreds of replies in fact!

Not ones to let good data go to waste, we used those original nominations as a starter and pulled together Love The Web – a place to share, curate and nominate NZ’s favourite websites.

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